Draw DJ Toon Contest

I have a confession to make: I can’t draw.

DJ Toon

The only form of art I can do is ASCII. Don’t get me wrong, typograpghy is is a great talent to have. There are lots of things that can be expressed in text. However, this means I cannot draw DJ Toon.

DJ Toon is our macot here at Toon Radio. He’s blue. He has crazy hair. And he has headphones over his ears.

Since I cannot draw, I only have one and one drawing of him to use. His pose in this drawing is great, but I can’t put it everywhere.

This is where you guys come in. If you think you can draw, I am going to let you guys borrow him. Place him in any setting you desire, as long as it is respectful. The best submitted drawing each month will be showcased at ToonRadio.net. The rest will be showcased here on the blog. There may also be other prizes in the future.

There are no other rules for this, but remember that DJ Toon has has been copyrighted under the Creative Commons.

You can post your drawing in the comments to this post.

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