The Star to Feature Original Mariah Carey Song

The Star

Sony Pictures commissions Mariah Carey to perform a new original song for their upcoming animated feature film The Star.

The Star from The Star

Marian Carey will perform the song The Star for the Sony Pictures Animation feature. Epic Records will include it on the film’s soundtrack as well. This is not the first time Carey songs appeared on animation soundtracks. You can find her work on the Prince of Egypt and the Daria soundtracks as well.

The Star from Sony

Timothy Reckart directed a film for Sony Pictures. It follows a small but brave donkey on his adventure to follow his dreams. It is your typical children’s movie plot, but it might be worth it for adult viewers if they do it right. The donkey starts out working at a village mill until he finds the courage to get up and leave.

The film stars:

  • Steven Yeun
  • Gina Rodriguez
  • Zachary Levi
  • Keegan-Michael Key
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Anthony Anderson
  • Kristin Chenoweth
  • Tracy Morgan
  • Tyler Perry
  • Oprah Winfrey

Sony Pictures plans to release the film to theaters on November 10, 2017. You can find more about it on the official movie website.

The Star Film Trailer

After watching the trailer, I see that it is a Christmas movie. It has an interesting premise that you do not get from the film’s description alone. I am still trying to figure out what aspect the film is trying to cover. Is the donkey with Mary and Joseph or is he with the wise men that visit them later? The trailer seems to indicate both. We are bound to have more trailers as the release date draws near. Hopefully, we will get a better picture by then.

I may not see The Star in theaters, but I am interested in what it offers. If you are planning to see the film when it hits theaters in November, post your plans in the comments below. You can bookmark this website to learn more information about it as well as where you can buy the soundtrack when they come available.

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