Magic School Bus Rides Again on Netflix with Miranda Theme Song

The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus returns with a brand-new road trip and song. Netflix is producing the series they call “The Magic School Bus Rides Again“, and Lin-Manuel Miranda provided the theme song.

The New Magic School Bus Theme Song

Lin-Manuel Miranda performed a new version of the old Magic School Bus theme song for the new Netflix original series. Peter Luyre wrote the song for the hit 90s children’s show which was performed by Little Richard.

The Magic School Bus Returns on Netflix

Netflix is rebooting the hit 90s educational animated series The Magic School Bus. More of a sequel than an actual reboot, the new series follows Fiona Frizzle, Ms. Frizzle’s kid sister, as she takes the Walkerville Elementary class on an adventure of a lifetime. The3 series will star Kate McKinnon, Miles Koseleci-Vieira, Lynsay Pham, and Lily Tomlin. Netflix will start streaming The Magic School Bus Rides Again starting on September 29, 2017.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again Series Trailer

The trailer is basically a music video of the old theme song. It starts with some hype text before it shows the class getting into the bus. From there, the trailer follows the original 90s opening sequence according to the lyrics of the song playing in the background.

As a fan of the original, I am excited about the reboot. It takes off where the 90s series ended, and that can only mean the production crew understands what they have and their audience. I am certain the new series will have something for both kids and old fans alike.

Hopefully, the episodes will be just as good. As an educational show, the series must teach something to its young audience. While we may look back at the old series with nostalgia, that does not mean that they were good. Only time will tell if the Magic School Bus will retain its charm for years to come.

If you were a fan of the previous series, what do you think about the new one? Post your comments in the comments below. You can then read the other news stories I have on Toon Radio.


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