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It has been three years to the day (three weeks in reality) since the defeat of Zaheer and the Red Lotus. Our cast of characters has moved on to do their own things, and everything seems to be at peace. The new heir of the Earth Kingdom has been found. Republic City is coming to terms of having spirits vines running amok through the city. All is just fine as the premiere episode of Book 4 of the Legend of Korra series gets under way.

After All These Years

Book 4 Episode 1 stays true to its After All These Years title. It takes place three years after the events of Book 3, and it opens by telling us what our favorite characters were doing during that time.

First, let me say that Prince Wu… is something I wonder if that he is how rich people act, because I just want to punch him in the face. Though, he is a king elect, which means his attitude must work on some women. His antics may end up as meme fuel as the series goes along.

Other than that, this half of the episode is nothing more than a welcome back party. Other than the reintroductions of the side characters, not much else happens.

The Adventures of Kuvira

The Kuvira side of the episode exists to gives us our introduction to the season’s Big Bad, her motivations, her skills, and, most of all, why she’s the villain.

The rest of the cast of characters have the last three seasons to show us who they are, but we have no idea who Kuvira is other than Zelda Williams’s cameo role. The show used this episode to shed light on her as well as the new additions to Team Avatar: Opal and Kai. It also shows us what Bolin has been doing for the last three years.

First, Kuvira shows off her skills by dispatching a bunch of bandits, and then immediately enlists those bandits into her army. Her tactics are crude but they get things done.

Then, Kai and Opal rush to a village under seize by bandits to try to offer some service, but after a short reunion for Opal and Bolin, Kuvira shows our fearless duo up to steal the town for herself. I love the new airbender uniforms. The scene also shows us the different tactics the two sides are using. The airdbenders tried the help the villagers without restrictions while Kuvira will only provide aid after each village swear their allegiance to her.

I like where Nick is going with Kuvira. So far, she is no Zahear, but I expect we have seen nothing yet.

In the end, this was a fun episode. It was not as epic as Book 3’s opener, but it does its job.

I love seeing what everyone and the world has been up to since the time skip. We didn’t get to see much of Korra until the end, or what happened during the time skip, but next episode should remedy that. Either way, Episode 1 of Book 4 was a wild ride that I wouldn’t mind riding again. See you next week for Episode 2: The Calling. Nickelodeon will release it to the usual online video sites.

I have been planning to do Legend of Korra reviews for some time now. But, I finally found some time to actually do them. I plan on lonely doing Korra reviews for now, but I will add other series as I find the time. In the meantime, stay tuned to Toon Radio for more reviews in the future.


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