March 2017 Scheduled Maintenance This Saturday

Toon Radio

While it is great to be back online and broadcast, Toon Radio will go offline this Saturday, March 18, 2017, around 1 AM ET for Windows updates and other schedule maintenance tasks. The downtime should be no longer than an hour, after which Toon Radio will resume its broadcast.

Scheduled Downtimes

Even with forced scheduled downtimes, it does feel good to be back in the internet broadcasting business. However, the downtimes are a fact online. I must take the stream down from time to time to back up the database, the website, and my music files. I can do some of these tasks with the stream still running, but not everything, and these downtimes allow me to access the appropriate files.

Going forward, I am going to link my maintenance tasks with the Windows updates. While I can predict when they will come, I do not schedule the updates, but working with them will reduce the times I need to take the site and stream down.

I will also post announcements posts such as this one when those downtimes occur. Before, I usually only announce these things on Twitter a few minutes before the downtime. I want to do better. I hope giving you guys an advanced notice of the maintenance downtimes will be good for both of us. You will know when they will happen, and I will have a record of when I do them.

Toon Radio will go Offline This Saturday

To recap:

  • Toon Radio will go offline this Saturday, March 18, at 1 AM ET, for maintenance.
  • The stream will be back up a half-hour later.
  • The downtime will include both the stream and the website.
  • The downtime will not affect the blog.

Also, expect at least one stream downtime each month for maintenance. I will try to do them when only a few people are listening, but that cannot always be possible. Whatever happens, thank you for listening to Toon Radio.


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