Samurai Jack Episode XCIII Brings Jack to a New Era

Samurai Jack Episode XCIII

I am a simple man. If I see a great cartoon series, I will watch it. Such is the case with Samurai Jack. The series was a stable of mine a decade and a half ago, and, with the new season airing on Adult Swim, the series will continue to bring greatness for the near future. The series never missed a beat either. Samurai Jack Episode XCIII continues the streak of greatness from last week’s Episode XCII.

Samurai Jack Episode XCIII Delivers

While Episode XCII was the perfect way to reintroduce the series after 13 years of cancelation, Samurai Jack Episode XCIII took it to the next level. Sure, XCII introduced us to the Cult of Aku, but it was more of the same old Samurai Jack. However, Episode XCIII showed us where the new season is willing to go.

The episode begins with a scene with Aku. This is Greg Baldwin’s introduction as Aku, and the guy does a fine job sounding like the late Mako, just as he did with Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The scene itself was classic Aku. Aku wakes up after a nice nap, puts on his eyebrows, and then deals with the endless line of beggars asking him to spare them. The scene ends with Aku revealing that he is getting bored with his war against Jack. Seems his initial time traveling magic has made Jack immortal. The samurai does not age, despite growing his epic beard.

Jack versus the Cult in The Temple

While Aku is Aku, the meat of the episode comes in the second half. Jack gets a mental meltdown as his subconscious berates him for losing the sword and everything that has happened to him.

He is immediately attacked. During the struggle, we discover that his hunters is the cult from last episode. The girls chase Jack to an ancient burial temple where we get a wonderful rendition of the light versus dark motif of the show. This all plays out with a wonderful music score that is as breathtaking as it is majestic. In the end, Jack kills one of the girls, revealing that he is no longer just fighting robots. Jack manages to escape to setup next weekend’s episode, but not before leaving us in awe.

In this one scene, we receive our sign that this is no longer a children’s show. Samurai Jack is now for mature audiences who can handle the concept of death and cults, and that is a beautiful thing.

I am glad they brought it back, and look forward to the rest of the series. Series such as Samurai Jack is why I am an animation fan. They are our reward for sitting through the rough. It does not matter who or how old you are. If you love animation in any form, you owe it to yourself to check out Samurai Jack.

XCIV looks like it will continue where XCIII left off as well. Perfect. Follow me on Twitter so we can live-tweet about it together as it airs. In the meantime, I will consider getting the score for the Toon Radio stream while you post your reviews of the episode in the comments below.

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