Samurai Jack Episode XCIV Examines What It Means to Kill

Samurai Jack Episode XCIV

To kill or not to kill? We never want to face this question. No one want to kill another human. However, the world is not perfect. There will be a time when someone else’s life will be in our hands. If we find ourselves trapped, would we be able to pull the trigger? Jack faces this question in Samurai Jack Episode XCIV.

Samurai Jack Episode XCIV And What It Means to Take a Life

Samurai Jack Episode XCIV starts where Episode XCIII left off. The remaining members of the Cult of Aku stay on the hunt for Jack, while Jack contemplates his situation.

The first half of the episode jumps back and forth between the two. Jack’s scenes were classic Samurai Jack. Jack ponders the actions he must take while we get a wonderful flashback to when Jack was a kid. As per usual, the flashback offers the episode’s lesson with a beautifully done parallel situation involving Jack’s father. There is nothing more I can say about it. The scene speaks for itself.

On the other hand, the Cult girls are the source of many memes. In one memorable scene during their hunt for the Samurai, the girls come across some deer. They were going to attack the animals before a male deer approached a female one, who the girls mistaken as Aku. The scene demonstrates their sheltered upbringing with the girls confusing mating with attacking. That speaks volumes for a show that delivers its lessons with very little dialogue.

Jack Versus the Daughters of Aku Round 2

When the girls finally catch up to Jack, Samurai Jack Episode XCIV revs up to top gear. Jack gives the girls an ultimatum, the same one his father gave the assassins in the flashback. The girls have a choice: leave and live or stay and die.

The fight scene that follows is also classic Samurai Jack. The excellence in swordplay and chorography shines in every moment as the brilliant score plays in the background. The girls going at Jack with deliberate strikes while Jack counters their every move. Even nature gets in on the action as a snow storm rolls in to give Jack some cover.

The stylized fight scenes are a major selling point for the series. These beautifully animated scenes are as exciting as much as they make you anxious to know what will happen next. You know Jack will win, but you will never be able to guess how he does it until the end. This time the fight’s climax takes place on an overhang on a side of a mountain with Jack’s back against the edge. One by one, Jack outsmarts the girls, making them fall to the valley below.

Jack wins the fight, but not without one more twist. As the last cult girl falls, the overhang breaks from the mountainside with Jack still on it. The karma of all the deaths on Jack’s hands catches up to him as he follows the girls down into the valley as the credits for Samurai Jack Episode XCIV roll.

Samurai Jack Continues to Deliver

While many mature shows show human deaths on screen, few show the consequences of all that death. Jack is one of them giving us the juxtaposition of Jack needing to kill his pursuers followed by his own fall from grace in the end.

Three down. Seven to go. Season 5 has met its hype and then some. Samurai Jack Episode XCIV continued that trend. XCV looks like it will take place in a cave that Jack needs to escape. I guess Jack is going to try to recover his sword. That means that the Cult of Aku arc is done, on to the next one.

I am loving the season so far, and I hope things stay that way. I will post my review of XCV when I can, but for now you can post your review of XCIV in the comments below or read my review of XCIII here.

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