Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack Getting a Vinyl Reissue

Ghost in the Shell

With the new live-action remake now in theaters, Ghost in the Shell fans should rejoice that the soundtrack for the original 1995 anime film is getting a vinyl reissue. The reissue will be a complete remastering of the original sound with 10 tracks and many extras.

Original Ghost in the Shell Sound Going Vinyl

The vinyl reissue of the original Ghost in the Shell soundtrack will come with a 7-inch bonus and several extra collectibles in the package. We Release Whatever the Fuck We Want Records is releasing it on the heals of their most recent release: Midori Takada’s Through the Looking Glass.

Regardless of what you think of the new live-action remake, you owe it to yourself to watch the original animated Ghost in the Shell movie. It is one of those must-see classic animated films. It has great action, epic themes, and a plot that makes you think with an epic soundtrack. The soundtrack’s techno-rock music matches the feel and emotions of the cyber-punk film and lifestyle. The timeless tones echoing the themes of the film making you question the nature of humanity.

With that said, the upcoming vinyl re-mastered release comes from the original reels at Emil Berliner Studios in two formats. The first will be a limited collector’s edition with the 7-inch bonus LP with silver gilt printing, Japanese obi, and a 24-page liner notes booklet. The second version will be just the standard main 10-track LP. Which version is right for you will come done to preference and how much you are willing to pay. Regardless, both versions are due in June from the WRWTFWW website.

Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack Vinyl LP Track List

Side A

  1. Uta I – Making Of Cyborg
  2. Ghosthack
  3. Puppetmaster
  4. Virtual Crime
  5. Uta II – Ghost City

Side B

  1. Access
  2. Nightstalker
  3. Floating Museum
  4. Ghostdive
  5. Uta III – Reincarnation

Bonus 7-inch

  1. Muitinkinyakkin! (See You Everyday)

The Ghost in the Shell Soundtrack Vinyl LP is a treat for any anime and vinyl record collector. The music is fun and exciting, and more vinyl is always nice. Thus, making the upcoming release the perfect gift for the collector in your life. If you are looking forward to getting your hands on the LP, describe your best Ghost in the Shell moments in the comments below.

In the meantime, I will consider getting the original soundtrack for the Toon Radio stream. I already have the Stand Alone Complex soundtrack, but it would be nice to have the movie as well. Either way, we can enjoy Ghost in the Shell together.

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  • Ahh very cool! I’ve been hearing about this movie and the controversy with Scarlet Johansson cast in the lead role. I never saw the original animated one, so I would like to see that for sure. I love music on vinyl, it jut adds a different kind of quality to it. How cool for a movie soundtrack.

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