Captain Underpants Epic First Movie Soundtrack and Score Now Available

Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants fans, it is time to go and grab the music from the animated feature film The Epic First Movie. The soundtrack has been out for weeks, while the score will be available while you read this post.

The Captain Underpants Soundtrack

While I missed reporting the release of the soundtrack for DreamWorks Animation’s Captain Underpants: The Epic First Movie, you do not need to miss your chance to get it. Virgin Records released it digitally on June 2, 2017. The soundtrack album contains 11 tracks from Andy Grammar, Adam Lambert, Nathan Willett of Cold War Kids and Lul Yachty as well as “Weird Al” Yankovic’s rendition of the Captain Underpants Theme Song. The album also contains a few score tracks from Composer Theodore Shapiro, though you will need the score album to get more of the film’s score.

Captain Underpants: The Epic First Movie Soundtrack Track List

Captain Underpants soundtrack

  1. Captain Underpants Theme Song – “Weird Al” Yankovic (2:14)
  2. A Friend Like You – Andy Grammar (3:40)
  3. Saturday (Cast Version) – Kevin Hart & Thomas Middleditch (0:48)
  4. Think – Adam Lambert (2:59)
  5. 1812 Ofarture – The Students Of Jerome Horwitz Elementary School (1:08)
  6. Hallelujah – Kevin Hart, Thomas Middleditch & Ed Helms (0:39)
  7. Oh Yeah – Lil Yachty (2:51)
  8. Saturday – Nathan Willett of Cold War Kids (3:29)
  9. Comic Book Opening – Theodore Shapiro (1:54)
  10. Saving the Day – Theodore Shapiro (7:22)
  11. The Prank For Good – Theodore Shapiro (5:38)

Back Lot Music Offers Captain Underpants Score

We are also getting a score album to go with the soundtrack. Back Lot Music is releasing the Captain Underpants score digitally today, June 9, 2017, on iTunes. So, it should be available as you read this. It contains every important piece Theodore Shapiro made for the film. Thus, your kids can relive every moment.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Score Track List

  1. Comic Book Opening (1:56)
  2. Treehouse (1:02)
  3. Bromance Origin Story (1:57)
  4. Annihilate the Friendship (2:12)
  5. Tuna Casserole (0:59)
  6. Snooping (1:46)
  7. Power of the Hypno Ring (1:57)
  8. A Hero is Born (4:14)
  9. Mad Genius Inventor (0:53)
  10. Bringing Krupp Home (2:19
  11. Two Blue Eyes (2:09)
  12. Brain of a Child (1:54)
  13. Hallelujah, His Name is Poopypants (1:36)
  14. The Nobel Prize (3:01)
  15. Anti-Humor Boy (1:48)
  16. Art Class Liberation (1:56)
  17. Carnival Conniptions (2:16)
  18. Separation Anxiety (1:32)
  19. Poopypants Has No Gas (1:35)
  20. A World Without Laughter (2:53)
  21. Flip-O-Rama! (1:24)
  22. Really Silly Names (1:22)
  23. Saving the Day (7:23)
  24. The Prank for Good (5:38)

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Film Trailer

To be honest, I have yet to see the film, nor have I read any of the original 12-volume children’s novel series. However, from what I gathered, kids love Captain Underpants, despite some interesting tales involving censorship. The film will probably do well with the kids as well. If your kids have not yet begged you to see it, they are probably waiting to catch you in a moment of weakness. The animated comedy is already on its second week in theaters nationwide from 20th Century Fox. Thus, you need to catch it soon if you want to see it in a theater.

If you already seen the film, please post your review in the comments below before reading what other news I have on this site. You can also use the comments to post whether you will see it or not.

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