Gnome Alone Coming with Fall Out Boy Music

Gnome Alone

Fall Out Boy member Patrick Stump is making Gnome Alone music for Smith Global Media. The film will release later this year.

Patrick Stump Writes Gnome Alone Music

Fall Out Boy fans rejoice! The next Fall Out Boy album comes with a music video that connects all the songs. The music video will be available exclusively in movie theaters later this year.

I am joking, but that is what the soundtrack for Gnome Alone looks like. Fall Out Boy member and songwriter is writing all the music for the animated feature. He will also star as the main character who will sing an original song. Other notable voice actors include Becky G., George Lopez, Olivia Holt, and Josh Peck.

Gnomes Alone is not Stump’s first acting role either, nor is it his first voice role. His previous voice acting credits include guest spots on Disney XD’s Star Vs the Forces of Evil and Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken.

Garden Gnomes vs. The Monsters

As for the Peter Lepeniotis film, Smith Global Media plans to release the animated feature nationwide in the fourth quarter of 2017. It is about a girl for befriends living garden gnomes and their quest to protect the world from invaders from another world. Michael Schwartz and Zina Zaflow wrote the screenplay, while John H. Williams (Shrek) is producing the film. The film sounds and looks like a good family-friendly film. If you have kids, you should probably watch for when it releases to theaters in your area.

Please note that there are other films that carry the name, but are not related this one. I had issues trying to track down confirmation information for the animated project because of this. So, I recommend that you do not let your kids search for the film on their own. Those other films do not look kid friendly.

Either way, if you are planning to watch the film when it releases, you can reveal your plans in the comments below. You can then read the other news posts on this blog.

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