NEW-GEN Deadalus Rising with Christopher Young Score


Marvel is bringing another comic book series to theaters. This time they want to make a NEW-GEN film, and they want Christopher Young to write the music for it.

Christopher Young to Write NEW-GEN Music

While Christopher Young is not new to film music, he is new to animation soundtracks. His most famous works include Spider-Man 3, Hellraiser, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and Drag Me to Hell. These are fine scores. So, I am okay with him manning the music for NEW-GEN: Deadalus Rising. The score may turn out beautiful, or it may end up unremarkable. Only time will let us know which.

Marvel’s NEW-GEN: Deadalus

As for the film itself, the concept art for it looks 3D CD which should not be a problem if the story is good. Either way, J.D. Matonti is directing the animated film based on his comic book series with Julia Coppola and his brother Chris Matonti for Marvel Studios. The film follows the adventures of twin brothers Chris and Sean, after their hometown outcasts them for their extraordinary abilities. They eventually discover that they are from another dimension called NEW-GEN.

I am not familiar with the marvel series, but, with the creators directing it, the movie might come out all right. Still, the premise does not sound promising. It sounds rather generic, and I have read and watched stories that followed similar arc. Heck, even Superman follows the same pattern. The few reviews I found on the comic book series suggest the franchise does merit a full-length feature. Otherwise, it feels nice that Marvel is branching out from its mainstream characters for this film. Marvel has yet to give us a street date for the film. So, I will reserve judgement until we finally get a trailer for it.

If you have read the comic book, please tell me how good it is so I may check it out myself. Either way, feel free to read the other news posts I have on this site. You may be surprised at what gets greenlit for movies these days.

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