Teen Titans Go Miniseries Soundtrack Available This Weekend

Teen Titans Go Night Begins to Shine

Cartoon Network will air a Teen Titans Go special miniseries starting next week, but you can already buy the soundtrack this weekend.

The Night Begins to Shine Soundtrack and Series

Cartoon Network and Water Tower Music will release the soundtrack for the miniseries digitally on July 28, 2017. Though, you can get it now on pre-order and listen to audio samples before then. The 5-track EP will include remixes of the title track by B.E.R, CeeLo Green, and the Japanese rock group Puffy Amiyumi, who performed the theme song for the original Teen Titans series.

The Night Begins to Shine miniseries expands upon the Teen Titans Go episode “40%, 40%, 20%” that featured special guests CeeLo Green and Fall Out Boy. Cartoon Network will premiere the 4-part series on August 1, 2017. It might not be the Teen Titans we want, but it is nice for them to do such a miniseries.

Teen Titans Go! The Night Begins to Shine Soundtrack Track List

  1. The Night Begins to Shine – CeeLo Green (3:39)
  2. Forever Mine – B.E.R. (3:44)
  3. The Night Begins To Shine (Dragon Remix) – B.E.R. (4:11)
  4. Rise Up – B.E.R. (4:14)
  5. The Night Begins To Shine – Puffy Amiyumi (3:50)

The Night Begins to Shine Miniseries Trailer

The trailer tells us nothing. The miniseries will be music based, but we must watch the series to figure out more. Fortunately, Episode 1 is already available on the Cartoon Network mobile app. I do not have the app, which means I must wait for next Tuesday, but I can live with that. I am not a fan of the Go series though, and that may cloud my judgement. Either way, it is more Teen Titans. If it will bring back the original series, I will happily watch it.

If you love Teen Titans Go, tell me in the comments below why should I care for the series. Otherwise, feel free to read the other animation soundtrack news I have on this website.

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