Samurai Jack Season 5 Soundtrack Available This Weekend

Samurai Jack Season 5 Soundtrack

Fans of Samurai Jack, we can now own the Samurai Jack Season 5 soundtrack to listen as we please.

Samurai Jack Season 5 Soundtrack

Adult Swim will release the soundtrack tomorrow, October 20, 2017 digitally. It is already out for pre-order on iTunes. The album features the original music Tyler Bates, Joanne Higginbottom, and Dieter Hartmann composed for the animate series. For those not familiar with Bates, he also wrote the music for Guardians of the Galaxy, 300, WatchmenDawn of the Dead, and John Wick. You can check out how Bates wrote the music for Samurai Jack here.

For those new to Jack, Gendy Tartakovsky created Samurai Jack for Cartoon Network with the voices of Phil LaMarr and Greg Baldwin (who replaced the late Mako Iwamatsu from the first four season). The fifth season aired earlier this year on Adult Swim, and they will show the first three episodes of Season 1 in theaters later this month. You can find more information on the show at the official website.

Samurai Jack Season 5 Soundtrack Track List

  1. Samurai Jack Main Title (0:56)
  2. Sa Sa Samurai (2:37)
  3. Cold Ass Killers (0:59)
  4. Wedding Day (2:40)
  5. Aku TV (1:28)
  6. The Catacombs (1:52)
  7. Scaramouche Fight (2:22)
  8. Lone Wolves (1:52)
  9. Daddy’s Girl (5:11)
  10. Awkward (3:31)
  11. Mass Sister Killing (3:51)
  12. Rescue Cavalry (3:18)
  13. Da Samurai (0:47)
  14. Her Spirit Lives On (0:58)
  15. Ashi vs. Mother (2:34)
  16. The Scotsman & His Daughters (1:07)
  17. The End Is Near (4:16)
  18. Scaramouche Finds Aku (1:21)
  19. Destruction – Blind Archers (2:07)
  20. Making Tea (1:51)
  21. Dragon Ride (1:01)
  22. Samurai Jack Theme (0:33)

I have been a fan of Samurai Jack since its premiere over a decade ago. So, it pleases me that the series has a soundtrack release. It is only Season 5, but Adult Swim Music says this is only the first album. Hopefully, Season 5 does well enough that they release the soundtrack for the other seasons.

Until we get those, we must settle with the Samurai Jack Season 5 soundtrack. If you love the Samurai, post your opinions in the comments below. You can also read my reviews for the season.

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