RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 2 Keeps the Season’s Momentum Going Strong

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 2

Do you feel the Dread in the Air? RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 2 delivers great moments in villainy, air combat, and assassinations.

If you have not watched the RWBY series up to the latest episode, I recommend that you bookmark this page and go watch it. You can then return to this page to continue reading my review. You can also read my review of RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 1 here.

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 2 Review

Chapter 2 comes in four segments: Weiss, Watts and Lionheart, Salem and Cinder, and Adam. Of these three, I only have issues with the Adam scenes.

Weiss vs The Lancers

Weiss begins the episode still flying in her cargo ship with the pilot still trying to avoid any Grimm encounter. Unfortunately, luck is not on his side as the distressed ship and the horde of lancers trailing them manage to reach them. This is the first civilian death in the series, finally showing us the threat the Grimm possess. The bug literally ripping the flying ships apart before kamikazeing into one for the final blow, while the other crashes into a floating island. With their prey eliminated, the Grimm turn their attention to their next target: Weiss.

The fight between Weiss and the lancers makes the episode for me. Weiss is fully back in fighting shape with brand new tricks up her sleeves. Her summon knight is bad ass as well. On top of this, Weiss seems able to combine her semblances and use her glyphs on the knight. She’s truly a one-woman army now. The pilot is no amateur either. His flying skills are up there with the best pilots in fiction.

Unfortunately, the scene ends when the cargo ship takes damage as Weiss makes the killing blow on the queen Lancer. Weiss tries to save the ship with gravity dust, but the ship descends too fast to stop. The ship crashes as the episode fades to the next scene.

Salem, Cinder, Watts, and Lionheart

RWBY has many great villains, and it is fun to watch them work. However, some of the show’s pacing leaves little to be desired. Doctor Arthur Watts screams mad scientist. Salem is one of the best and most dangerous main villains in fiction, one that believes in teamwork. Finally, Cinder regained some of her confidence from earlier in the series. This episode makes it clear that the heroes are completely out of their league. No wonder Professor Lionheart decided to side with them, even if he is the show’s Cowardly Lion. It looks like Tyrian is getting a new tail soon as well.

Adam and the White Fang

I am a little disappointed in the White Fang portion of RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 2. It is not the content of the episode I despise. It is the timing. So much potential wasted by having Adam’s meeting with Sienna Khan happen this early. They could have to use Khan to explore the current form of the White Fang before giving the reins to Adam. They didn’t even give Blake a chance to respond. This is the only dark spot on a nearly perfect episode.

On to Chapter 3

However, it is not my story to tell. Hopefully, the missed opportunity will not derail the rest of the season. Volume 5 is turning out to be a roller coaster of emotions with fantastic highs and interesting lows. Chapter 3 looks like it will focus more on Blake. With Khan out of the picture, I wonder where Blake’s story will go from here.

You can read my Chapter 3 review here. Until then, you can post your own reviews of RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 2 in the comments below. You can then read the last animation music news on this website.

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