RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 3 in an Interesting Follow Up to Chapter 2

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 3

No one expects the Unforeseen Complications. They come when you least expect them. Turning your plans inside out. Ultimately, they make us look like fools like our heroes in RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 3.

As usual, if you haven’t watched the RWBY internet animated series up to Volume 5 Chapter 2, I strongly recommend that you bookmark this page, and go watch the series. While I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, I cannot guarantee that I will not reference previous episodes from the series. You can read my review of Volume 5 Chapter 2 here as well. Once you are current with the series, you can continue reading my review of RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 3, Unforeseen Complications.

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 3 Review

There is nothing inherently wrong with RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 3. On its own, it would be a great episode. Sure, it has a few animation mistakes here and there, but they do not damage the episode. This should be a decent episode. However, as a follow up to Chapter 2, Unforeseen Complications feels like it should have been aired earlier in the series. This is especially true for the Blake scenes.

Down in Menagerie

We come into this episode after seeing Adam assassinate Sienna Khan while Raven captures Weiss. Despite this, we get Ghira holding a press conference about stopping the assassination. Since the coup has already happened, we already know the Belladonna plan is a failure. Thus, this scene feels out of place. It should have been before the White Fang scene from the last episode. However, that is my only issue with the scene. The Belladonnas being cats as they encourage Ghira before the speech was great. Sun was on point. Ilia’s counter-speech served its purpose. Plus, we got to see fish Faunus and actual news reporters! It just felt out of place with what happened in the previous episode. Fortunately, not all is lost. We learn from Ghira that the Blake plotline is a month behind the others. They are essentially flashbacks. Such plots can work. I hope Miles and Kerry have what it takes to do then right.

Weiss and the Bandits

With the Blake stuff out of the way, the show jumps back and forth between Weiss and RNJR. The Weiss story is straightforward here. She is a prisoner of the Branwen bandits. They are going to ransom her back to her father, probably for dust, supplies, and money. There is not much else to say here. We do get our first meeting with the Spring Maiden though. Vernal comes in playing with Myrentenaster as if she owns it. Given how the other bandits react to her presence, we can see that Vernal is high up in the tribe hierarchy as well.

RNJR and Oscar

The ends with Weiss summoning a little knight to start her escape, but before that happens, we get one more visit with RNJR and Oscar. This scene is just a continuation of the final scene of Chapter 1, but it works. We finally get some backstory on Ozpin and Salem. Their war is thousands of years old and started because the gods cursed Ozpin for stopping Salem in the past. That brings a lot to the table, and it is something we must ponder as the show continues. For now, all we can do is morn Oscar’s normal life, and deal with the Rose Garden fanservice between Ruby and Oscar.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 3 had enough serious moments and humor to overcome some animation mistakes. I hope Chapter 4 continues the pace. You should be able to read my review of it here, but until then, you should feel free to post your reviews of Chapter 3 in the comments below.

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