RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 4 Punches Its Point Home in Style

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 4

We’re Lighting the Fire to defeat the Grimm. We must go through a bunch of bandits to get there though. Hopefully, we can be like Yang in RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 4.

As before, I cannot review Chapter 4 without spoiling the previous episodes. Therefore, I suggest that you bookmark this page, and then go watch the series. You can watch all RWBY episodes for free on YouTube. So, you have nothing to lose to watch them. You can also read my review of Chapter 3 here before returning to this page.

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 4 Review

Lighting the Fire is another near-flawless episode. Other than a few animation errors, everything hit exactly where they needed. There were only two scenes, but the episode did not need anything else.

Yang and the Bandits

The first and last scene of RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 4 was Yang at the Bandit Camp. It starts with Yang dropping off the bandit from Chapter 1 near the entrance to the bandit camp. The guy goes ahead to set an obvious ambush that leads to a confrontation between Yang and the bandits. This is our first look at Yang in actual combat, and the girl is back in form. She added a few moves to her moves set as well.

After curb stomping the bandits, they take Yang to Raven. The exposition dump gives us Raven’s semblance and Yang’s goal, which is to use Raven’s semblance to get to Ruby. After a mother-daughter exchange that goes as well as expected. Yang beats up a few people which reveal Weiss and her cage, which Weiss uses to escape. After Raven stops the fight and offers the two girls the Truth before they head off to Ruby, Yang and Weiss get their formal reunion moment. Home playing the background made it something as well to end the episode in style.

RNJR Training Arc

While Yang was beating up bandits, RNJR and Oscar are training. We also get an exposition dump here as well. This time on aura and semblances in general, but the Oscar versus Ruby sparing match makes the scene. It’s good that these two have the bulk of the training, as they have the most to learn. As for the exposition, it sounds vague enough for the writers can have options later. Either way, it works! I hope these training sessions continue for a few more episodes.

That is all I can say about RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 4. It was a short but fun episode. Nothing was out of place, and what we got had merit to be there. Let’s hope that continues with the next episode. The preview says that we are going back to Blake. Maybe we will see how she get to Haven.

Until next time, please leave your reviews in the comments below. I will try to post my review for Chapter 5 next week on Tuesday.

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