RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 6 Brings the Feels and The Exposition

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 6

As a bird is Known by its song, people are known for their words. This week Raven gives Yang and Weiss the Truth while Qrow tries to bring the old gang back together in RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 6.

As with any review or recap, this article contains spoilers for the latest episode from the web animated series RWBY from Rooster Teeth Productions. While I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, I cannot review Chapter 6 without some knowledge of what happened before it in the series. If you are new to RWBY, I recommend that you bookmark this page and then go watch the series. RWBY (pronounced “Ruby”) is currently in its fifth season. It is also short enough that you can complete it in a weekend. Once you finish watching Chapter 5 and read my review, you can come back here to read my review of RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 6: Known by is Song.

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 6 Review

I do not have much to say about Chapter 6. It does not do anything wrong. It just does not do anything particularly well either.

Qrow and the Huntsmen

The episode comes in two parts. First, Qrow tries to gather his huntsmen army. Raven gives Weiss and Yang the talk in the second. Both arcs come together in the end, but not before giving us the “feels” and other associated emotions.

Qrow’s recruitment efforts go as well as Blake’s and Sun’s from the previous episode. Though, the reasons for this are different. While the Faunus were trying gather non-fighters, Qrow’s army is already preoccupied.

The whole scene could be shorter, but I see what they were trying to do here. Qrow’s growing frustration and the final reveal make this episode one of the saddest in the series so far. Lionheart’s treachery knows no bounds. Fortunately, Qrow is figuring that out as he goes. Our heroes will be alone on the battlefield, but at least they will know what they are up against.

At Bandit Camp

Meanwhile, Raven brought Weiss and Yang into her tent for some tea and exposition. Most of it was stuff we already knew. Magic is real. Ozpin is immortal. Salem is the Grimm Queen. Beyond that, we got confirmation on ideas people speculated, such as Ozpin being the wizard from the maiden story. It seems Ozpin turned Raven and Qrow into birds.

However, that is all we got from this scene. Raven is still campaigning for Yang to take her rightful place as the tribe’s princess. Thus, Yang brushes off everything Raven tells her. In the end, she gets the portal to Qrow she wanted all along. This, in turn, reveals that the Weiss and Yang stories were at least 2 weeks ahead of RNJR at the start of the volume.

I wished we would get more exposition from Raven, but this may work for the better. Weiss and Yang are now reunited with Ruby. So, the three girls can question Qrow and Ozpin directly together.

The reunion was heartwarming. Ruby asking for forgiveness was adorable. Yang giving her sister a hug with “Gold” playing in the background shows how much the sisters love each other. They even offer Weiss to join them. Weiss finally has her loving family back. We just need Blake to join them. Hopefully, that moment will come sooner rather than later.

Speaking of which, next episode is probably going to have the assassination attempt on the Belladonnas. That might be the trigger that brings Blake and company to Mistral. Only time will tell if we will have it this weekend for Thanksgiving or next weekend. Until then, you can write your own reviews in the comments below while reading the other posts on this website. In the meantime, I liked RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 6. It does not do anything wrong and leaves us excited for what is still to come.

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