RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 7 Short Sweet and To the Point But Does Nothing

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 7

We all need some Rest and Resolutions from time to time. These slow times prepare us mentally for when the challenges and hard times rear their heads again. Ruby, Weiss, Yang, and friends enjoy such a moment in RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 7.

As this is a review, it will contain spoilers for the Rooster Teeth animated series RWBY up to Volume 5 Chapter 6. If still need to watch the series, you should bookmark this page and go watch it, and then read my review of Chapter 6 here. Once you are done, you can come back and finish reading my review of RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 7: Rest and Resolutions.

RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 7 Review

Chapter 7 was a short episode. It is only 10 minutes if you remove the opening and ending credits. Because of that, there was not enough time for the episode to do anything. While I get that it was the Thanksgiving episode, it was still not great. It was a decent watch though.

While short, the episode has three parts. First, RNJR, Weiss, and Yang have dinner and discuss their Volume 4 travels. After that, the group heads to the living room to question Ozpin on everything Raven told them. Finally, the episode ends leading up to a confrontation with the bandits.

Dinner Time

The episode starts with the crew eating ramen and catching up. I loved this scene, even if that tis an unpopular opinion. We needed to see the kids act like kids together after the season and half they were apart. We even get that the characters thought about their adventures without fearing for their lives.

The meal gives us the thumbnail as well. Nora challenges Yang to an arm wrestling match to evaluate the new arm. The scene ends in a laugh, but the scene leaves me wondering how often these two sparred during their time at beacon.

The Talk

As the meal ends, Qrow and Oz enter the room, and the episode moves to an exposition scene. Everyone moves to the living room to sit around Oz for a talk. After recapping Oz’s past offscreen for Yang and Weiss, the scene moves on to confirm that Oz is indeed the wizard of the Maidens story while telling us that Qrow and Raven wanted to be birds. This is the low point of the episode, and possibly the season, but I feel it was just the calm before the storm.

At the Bandit Camp

Speaking of the storm, the episode ends with Watts, Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury approaching the Branwen camp. The shady man, now given the name Shay D Mann, remarks about his days dealing with Yang, the villains begin their march to “negotiate” with the bandits as the credits roll.

This is one fantastic set up piece. We may never actually see the fight, but we know something is going down at Raven’s place. Still, the heroes are just stilling around, and that is a problem the show needs to address. But, things are happening now, and I cannot wait until we finally see it.

With that said, at 10 minutes, Rest and Resolutions was too short to really do anything. Hopefully, the back half of the season will give us more to enjoy. Until then, you can post your reviews for RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 7 in the comments below and then read my review of Chapter 8 here.

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